sam skynner  

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BRUBECK-projection design for dance. Choreographed by
Vicki St.Denis.

OVERHEAD PROJECTOR COMPOSITIONS- Independent work. Some images that I have created using my overhed projector.TO BE DETERMINED-Projection design for dance. This piece was choreographed by Joel Taylor, and concieved by Diego Varela and Emerson Kafarowski.

WHAT OF THE NIGHT?- Projection Design, collabourative theoretical Project based on the play by María Irene Fornés.For this project I was advised by Ron Daniels.
NEXT TO NORMAL -projection design for a musical . This animation was created using images made by cables on an overhead projector. The production was directed by James Flemming and performed at the Yale School of Drama.

UNCANNY ROBOTS- Lighting design for dance. This project was created at the Creative Technology Lab at Toronto MET university. THE ODYSSEY-Lighting design for theatre. Directed and translated from german by Ross Manson.

MILKMAN-Independent work (film). A film I created about my great grandfather Sam. This film was created with archival imagery and footage that I filmed In my grandfathers home town in rural Ontario, Canada.

FIRE TO WATER-Independent work. Hand painted animation.

DIANA ROSS DREAM-Lighting design for dance. Choreographed by Aisha Sasha John for Dancemakers. The workshop of this piece was performed at Soulpepper theatre in Toronto.

A WINTERS TALE-projection design for theatre. Directed by Sammy Ziesel. Live feed. 

SPEAKING DANCE- Collaborative work.Created as part of the Yale CCAM’s Design Briggade. Part of the New Haven Dance History Project

NOT WITH A BANG... BUT A WHIMPER-Projection design for dance. Choreographed by Alysa Pires.

COMBINATION CONCRETE-Independent work (animation) . This animation was inspired by and created using assets from the Stuart Davis painting of the same name.


REX- Multimedia installation. Yale CCAM fellowship Poject.
VANTAGES-A collaborative architectural p

rojetion created as apart of the Yale CCAM’s Climate Bauhaus.
RUBBER BAND SCREEN-independent work (animation and motion capture). I motion captured an object and then, created this animation based on the visualization of motion capture data points.

A POISON TREE-Independent work (animation) . Based on the poem by James Blake. All assets for this animation were created using ripped paper.

HAMLET-Lighting design for theatre. Directed by Peter Pasyk.